Tom Cruise movies comparison as Producer vs Actor

Tom Cruise movies are always waited to watch by every one. He has acted in more than 50 movies as an actor and producers. Out of which about 35 are in which he only acted and have produced and acted both in about 15 movies.Each movie was successful at box office. From the very first movie” Endless love” (1981)  to “Oblivion” (2013), he has made many landmark in his acting career. Won many awards like Academy Award for “Born in forth of June” and many others also.  But there is always a down slope when a person is involved in more than one career option. Here is a comparison of  top 5 Tom Cruise movies as an actor and producer according to their box office collection.

Lets have a look on top 10 Tom Cruise movies grossing highest earning at box office. So that the comparison will be easy.

Top 10 Tom Cruise movies acc. to box office earning

Movie Name                                                                                  Producer/ Actor                                                   Total Gross at box office

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol                                   Both                                                                             $694.7 million

War of the Worlds                                                                        Actor                                                                          $591.7 million

Mission Impossible 2                                                                 Both                                                                             $546.4 million

Mission impossible                                                                     Both                                                                             $457.7 million

The Last Samurai                                                                         Both                                                                             $456.8 million

Mission Impossible 3                                                                 Both                                                                             $397.9 million

Minority Report                                                                           Actor                                                                           $358.4 million

Rain Man                                                                                         Actor                                                                           $354.8 million

Top Gun                                                                                           Actor                                                                           $353.8 million

Oblivion                                                                                          Actor                                                                            $285.6 million


So. Here are the box office report of the top 10 movies of Tom Cruise. If we see the facts, their are 5 movies in which he only acted and 5 which he produced and acted also.

If we see on the figures, we can say that Tom Cruise movies as a producer have high earning than others. But the movies he produced are the ones he acted in them also…

Overall we can say that Tom Cruise is a better actor than producer. Because the role he sported could not have been justified by others.

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